How could a 90% reduction in risk assessment time benefit your business?

SD Elements: your essential risk assessment solution.


From secure development to risk assessment, SD Elements is the solution you need to manage and mitigate risk without compromising on speed.


What could SD Elements mean for your company?

SD Elements: your essential risk assessment solution.


SD Elements also delivers:

Con Cyberwatch, te ayudamos a obtener una lista completa de todos los activos en tus sistemas de información

Improved Product Security

By building security in from the beginning, we help you significantly reduce risk by eliminating more than 92% of vulnerabilities.

Cost Savings

Rather than tracking constantly evolving security and privacy regulations, instead access our content library that houses best practices from all over the world.

Better Traceability and Compliance

With SD Elements, you can check in on the status of security activities at any point of the project life cycle, and get a clear view of your corporate risk and compliance posture at any time.

Enterprise Scalability

Proven to scale in large enterprise environments, SD Elements helps you meet the growing need to accelerate security and compliance processes while remaining in line with Agile and DevOps methods.

Our approach

Leveraging Balanced Development Automation (BDA), SD Elements’ proactive approach helps you to automate security processes before writing a single line of code.


What problems does SD Elements solve?

SD Elements helps you automatically identify which secure development guidelines are applicable for whatever it is that you’re building.

It also helps you translate those guidelines into actionable tasks for your development teams.

We help you automate significant portions of your threat modeling processes, so you can uncover inherent risks more efficiently.

The benefit? Your security experts need to only focus on the most critical applications, maximizing their time and value.

With SD Elements, you can automate and streamline risk assessment processes to increase their effectiveness, immediately.

The long-term benefit? The quality and consistency of your outcomes is enhanced over time, too.

Case Study

Here’s what one of our clients has to say

Jeremy Ferragmo

Director of Cyber & Information Security, FINRA

“SD Elements enables FINRA to quickly and accurately identify threats and countermeasures in the applications that power our business – at the speed of DevOps.”

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How could SD Elements benefit your business?